Saturday, 25 October 2014

Check Out These Possible Cycles of Anadrol Steroid Muscle Building

Anadrol is one of the strongest and most effective anabolic steroids in the world. It is highly versatile in its function, benefits and effects. The strength of this drug is incomparable with any other steroid drugs in the market.

The Anadrol cycles are meant for muscle cycles and bulking ups. It will provide with a lot of muscle strength as well as immense energy for long. The athletes, wrestlers, and body builders all across the world has given highly positive regarding this steroid pill. The perfect muscle cycles are very important for it.

Cycling with Anadrol

Testosterone hormone is one of the most essential components of Anadrol steroid pill. Thus, it can also be taken as a Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) dose. This helps in maintaining the regular physical functions of your body. 

The Trenbolone and Nandrolone contents of Anadrol are responsible for providing you with body strength and muscle bulking up. It is more effective when it is compounded with powerful bio-chemical substances. One of the biggest advantages of consuming Anadrol is that no injection is needed to put the chemicals into the blood stream. These are naturally very much reactive and effective within the body.

What are the Anadrol Cycles doses?

The following is the Anadrol Cycle dosage for Advanced Anadrol users:

For the 8 week Anadrol Cycle the time is 1 – 8 weeks. You are required to take 25 mg of Anadrol every other day of the week. It means you are required to take 100 mg in a week of the testosterone acetate. 25mg is supposed to be the lowest dose of this steroid. 

The Anadrol cycle for the advanced users usually has shorter cycle time. It uses estered compounds like Testosterone Propionate and Trenbolone Acetate. Anadrol is placed in a central cycle compound and has the highest usage limit of 6 weeks.

How to maximize your gain?

Anadrol bulking brings the results quickly. It chemically reacts synergistically with the other steroids to produce quicker results. A number of users start the Anadrol cycle during the off season. 

The first cycle begins with 50 mg/day. However, some experienced users can use the dose of 100mg/day. It is advised that you take small doses at the starting and then increase it gradually. The dosage also depends on your medical conditions too. 

You can check out these possible cycles and observe the results within a short period of usage.

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Benefits of Oral Anadrol Pills - You Can See Photos after Taking It Here

The Android pills are much safer and effective than the injections and shots to build up a muscular body. Anadrol 50 is a very special type of steroid used to build up strong muscles within a short period of time. However, you need to be sure whether these steroids are right for your health.

Anadrol is very commonly known as the Oxmetholone that is a synthetic material derived from DHT. This steroid is a bit toxic and strong. The Oxymetholone, a bio-chemical substance present in the steroid is very long lasting and stays for about 8 hours.

These organic substances undergo very strong metabolism within the body. 

Why can you buy the steroid?

It is a very strong bulking agent. You can get 10 LB muscles in just 6 weeks. You can practice intense workouts and heavier lifts. It boosts the oxygen supply to the muscles. The prescription is not required. It is a 100% legal drug.

All the above mentioned benefits are available from the Android steroid pills. 

What are the positive results of taking this Android?

The Oxymetholone bio-chemical complex present in the Android steroid raises the RBC (Red Blood Cells) count. The powerful chemical binding of 17AMDHT with SHBG relocates the Estrogen and testosterone hormones into the blood circulation and free Estrogen produces Gynecomastia.

All these bio-chemical reactions and metabolism within your body result in muscle growth.

How the clones of Anadrol steroid can benefit you?

The Anadrolone Elite Series is a powerful clone of the oxymethalone or Anadrol steroid. It can help you in gaining the same strong muscle as that of the Anadrol steroid. This drug has gained a lot of positive reviews from the body builders round the world. The ingredients mainly Mimics steroid Anadrol.

Some of its major benefits are as follows:

It can help you in gaining 10 to 15 pounds of dry and lean muscles. The transformation can happen as quickly as 8 weeks. It increases protein synthesis and muscle strength. It boosts red blood cell production and oxygen supply to the muscles. This increases the retention of nitrogen. It helps in the recovery process and delays fatigue. 

It helps in having massive pumps. It triggers bulking cycle and strength. You do not need any prescription. It can be taken orally without any injection. Its consumption is 100% legal. It imposes no negative side-effects.

You can see photos after taking it here and then you will realize the difference before and after taking the pills.

Monday, 20 October 2014

Anadrol Is a Popular Steroid - Know More about It and Why It Is Popular

People believe that melting fat or losing weight is the most difficult thing to do. A bodybuilder will find that gaining muscle mass and building body is one of the hardest things to achieve.

People do workouts and weight lifting for many years yet don’t get any result for their hard work. They try many things such as eating more to gain muscle mass or build their body. However, they just end up being overweight or gaining more fat instead of muscles.

If you are trying hard to build muscles, you may need something that can help you in achieving your bodybuilding goals. You must be aware of the fact that most of the products available in the market are ineffective, harmful or some of them give short-term results. 

However, you will definitely change your point of view about bodybuilding steroid once you use Anadrol 50. Anadrol is a popular steroid. It is considered as a product that has brought a reform in the market. Let’s find more about this steroid.

What is it?

It is the only popular anabolic steroid, which is synthetic male sex hormone known as oxymetholone. It is used for increasing red blood cells by producing a chemical named as erythroprotein in the body. It is also considered as an effective cure for a person suffering from anemia. 

These steroids are used to increase protein production in the muscles. It is best known as a stamina and energy level booster without any side effects. If you want to build your body, as soon as possible then buying Anadrol steroids can be a good decision.

Procedure to use:

You can take it orally or as per the guidance by your physician. You can take it with milk or food in case your stomach is upset. Regular use is preferred to get the most benefits from this. 

Doses totally depend on your medical condition and its response. You must take it at the same time every day in the exact quantity as directed by your physician to avoid side effects.

What customer Say about it?

A lot of people have commented that it is one of the best thing to increase muscle mass. This is the reason why it is getting so popular. According to some, it is one of the most effective pills for developing lean muscles and strength.

Where to find it?

You have many sources to find it. A lot of online as well as offline sources are available where you can find Anadrol 50 legal steroid.

Saturday, 18 October 2014

How to Take Anadrol 50 - A Step By Step Guide

Anadrol - 50 is a brand name of a very famous anabolic steroid known as oxymetholone. The number “50” describes the dosage of the tablet - 50 mgs. Anadrol - 50 is mainly used to treat patients suffering from anaemia (loss, damage or decreased level of red blood cell count in blood system). It is also preferred by body builders in order to gain lean body mass and for bulking cycles. Anadrol - 50 is a very strong anabolic steroid and is prescribed to be taken only under doctor’s supervision. 

Taking one of the strongest steroid can be a little tricky and to be taken maximum care about. Here is the step by step guide for you to understand on how to take Anadrol - 50:- 

  • Step - 1 :- 
Before you start taking Anadrol - 50 make sure, your doctor is completely aware about all your medications. Some of the medications may react negatively with Anadrol and may not be safe to use them together. For example, warfarin a blood thinner is not preferred to be taken together with Anadrol.
  • Step - 2:- 
Each dose of Anadrol - 50 should be taken in the scheduled time. Your physician will decide the dosage for your body to get results of Anadrol 50. If you skip one dose of Anadrol in a day take the next pill in the next scheduled time. Avoid doubling up the dosage, as it may cause adverse side effects. 
  • Step - 3 :- 
One full glass of water needs to be taken compulsorily with each 50mg Anadrol tablet. Users can also take the drug with food, if it irritates to take on empty stomach. Taking the medication with food is not compulsory. 
  • Step - 4:- 
Some side effects are very common to occur. Take some time for your body to get used to the basic side effects. Some common side effects are upset stomach, diarrhoea, vomiting and insomnia. Breaking out of acne is a very common side effect. Increase in any of these side effects may be dangerous, and thus you are advised to notify your doctor. 

Some common tips - 

Always store your Anadrol 50 at room temperature and out of sunlight. This steroid will only give maximum results, if taken with optimum proteins and diet. Pregnant and lactating mothers are advised not to take this drug, as it may increase the chances of side effects in the body and can be harmful for both mother and the foetus.

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Anadrol - the Strongest Anabolic is Beneficial for Bodybuilders

Introduction - 

Anadrol is one of the best drugs for people, who are trying to excel in the field of bodybuilding. The product is called super anadrol, as it is an ideal performance-enhancing drug. It is the strongest anabolic oral drug available in the market. 

It is available in many forms like capsules, tablets, pills and injections. It is easy to purchase it in the market with or without prescription. Its molecular formula is C21H32O3. . It is active for 14 - 16 hours in the body. It can be combined with dianabol, anadrol, proviron and nolvadex. 

It is usually combined with Boldenone, Nandrolone, and Testosterone for maximum results. Anadrol should be stored in room temperature from 20 degrees to 25 degrees C. Anadrol should never be used without medical guidance. As it is one of the strongest anabolic steroid, it should be taken in smaller dosage and serious attention should be given to possible side effects.

Anadrol is generally used for 6 - 8 weeks. It has a reaction for at least 14 -16 hours in a normal adult body. It gives maximum results when taken with ample amount of proteins, diet and most importantly water. Water is the most important component in the consumption of anadrol. 

Some of the common benefits for body builders - 
  • It is most popular amongst body builders, athletes and boxers. 
  • It is used for dramatic improvements in the red blood cell counts in the blood. 
  • It protects joints during exercise under heavy loads. 
  • It also helps in the production and urinary release of erythropoietin in the body. 
  • It is also used for treatment of HIV positive patients. 
  • It helps in improving the levels of muscle mass, body strength and aggression. 
  • It helps athletes to fight fatigue or injuries during workouts and training for strength. 
  • It can be termed as a “protector” for the muscles, which are in process of growth. 

Like any other drug available in the market, anadrol has its own set of side effects that cannot be ignored or can be taken lightly. Some of the common side effects are mentioned below:-
  • Upset stomach 
  • Acne growth in back and shoulders. 
  • Hair loss in both men and women 
  • Reduced size of testicles. 
  • Change in mood. 
  • Facial hair growth in women 
  • Water retention in body. 
  • Prostate enlargement 
Thus, it is advisable that you consult your physician before taking this steroid.

Monday, 13 October 2014

Anadrol - Usage and Some of the Common Benefits Experienced By the Users

Introduction - 

Anadrol is a steroid used by patients with low red blood cell count and also by body builders for bulking purpose. It has a very high risk of side effects, so it is to be used with utmost precaution level. 

Usage - 

It is an oral supplement to be taken 50 mg to 100 mg in a day. In the body building field, it is used in the first 3 - 6 weeks of bulking cycle with the combination of injectable form of testosterone. It is liver toxic, it is important for users not to exceed the safe dosage limit. The user should not use it for prolonged periods and should take breaks between cycles. It is advised to use a liver support just to be on the safer side. 

Some of the common benefits - 

Anadrol is said to be one of the best stack available in the market with the highest side effect level present in the market for the benefit of body builders. Some of the most common benefits are:- .

  • It is a very fast acting steroid. Its effects are noticed in the first week itself.
  • It is great to start a bulking cycle with Anadrol steroid. Its fast acting nature gives it a great kick start.
  • This steroid is proven to be highly effective in lower dosage itself.
  • It has a reputation of the strongest steroid in the market. The first time users claim to gain 20 - 30 pounds in single cycle. Most of it would be water.
  • It is more effective when taken in combination with deca, tren and test and has characteristics of low androgen binding.
  • It can also be used for a cutting cycle, if combined with anavar.
  • It is used to increase the count of red blood cells.
  • Used to increase appetite level when used in lower dosage.
  • It helps in improving protein synthesis and nitrogen retention levels in the body.
  • It is also known for joint pain relief during exercises.
  • When used in combination with any other steroid, the users claim that they retain most of their strength and mass gain.
  • It is used to improve muscle mass, aggression, and body strength. 
There are many side effects related to this steroid. To be on the safer side use low dosage of Anadrol and have breaks between the cycles.

Saturday, 11 October 2014

Anadrol - Everything You Need to Know about it in Detail

Anadrol is an anabolic and androgenic drug used to treat anaemic patients. It increases the the amount of hormones responsible for the production of red blood cells. It has a high risk of life threatening side effects and is advised not to use for physical appearance or athletic performance. It is a synthetic male hormone i.e. derivatives of testosterones. Nitrogen balance is bettered in the patients only if it is combined with adequate intake of protein and calories. 

Usage -

It is used to improve low red blood cell count in patients. It is not the only solution for anaemia in patients. Measures like appropriate use of corticosteroids transfusion, correction of folic acid, iron, antibacterial therapy and pyridoxine or vitamin B12 deficiency should also be taken in to consideration. 

How to use this androgenic drug?

It is advised to be taken orally. It can be taken with food or milk. Daily usage in the same time will give maximum benefits. Dosage is prescribed by the doctors. Consult your doctor and maintain the dosage as increasing the dosage may also increase the risk of side effects. It is a slow drug, it usually takes 3-6 months for it to actually work and show results in a patient. 

Side effects - 

As mentioned earlier anadrol has some major and life threatening side effects, some of them are mentioned below:-

Some patients may suffer from excitation, diarrhoea, or trouble in sleeping. Mood changes, swelling in feet or ankles, rapid weight gain, trouble in breathing, increased or decreased interest in sex, new acnes or worsening of the existing ones are some of the serious side effects. If the symptom persists or gets worse with time, the patients are advised to consult their doctors. 

For young boys before puberty - Enlargement of penis or repeated erections.
Adult males - Trouble in urination, hair loss, impotency, testicle size changes, and tenderness in breasts, painful and prolonged erection for 4 hours or more. 

Females both young and adult - 

Signs of mascunality are a common side effect like hoarseness or deepening of voice, new or worsening acne, facial hair growth, menstrual period changes, an d clitoral enlargement

Common to the patients - 

Vomiting, nausea, changes in skin colour, ankle swelling are quite common among patients. Visit your doctor immediately, if you experience any of the side effects. 

These are some of the common side effects, but it is not the complete list. Please Visit for more detailed information.

Thursday, 9 October 2014

Anabolic Steroids - A Practical Guide - Everything You Need To Know

Introduction -

People usually use anabolic steroid to either gain their lost lean body mass or it is also used to treat patients, who are infected with HIV. These steroids are natural androgenic synthetic analogs of male hormones known as testosterone, which is produced in the testes of the males and in the ovaries of the female. Anabolic steroids have been proved to be very helpful for body builders, who are trying to gain weight. Even though it is not the ideal and “standard of care” for HIV positive patients, it is used for their well-being. 

How does it work?

The anabolic effect is judged by the androgen receptors in the muscle tissue. Firstly, the steroid binds with the receptor. Then it is carried to the nucleus of the cell where the cell is instructed to increase the protein synthesis. This process results in hypertrophy of the muscle tissue and the cells. 

Different anabolic steroids may have different reactions and results depend upon their characteristics and the body in use.

Types - 

There are many divisions in anabolic steroids, some of the types of anabolic steroids are:-

Injectable - 
  • testosterone 
It is primarily anabolic hormone present in male and female bodies. Two types of injectable form of testosterone available in USA are testosterone cypionate and testosterone enanthate. aoth have the characteristics of maintaining testosterone levels in blood for few days. 

  • Deca durabolin 
It is said to be the best anabolic steroid for men, as it has less side effects than testosterone, but has almost the same results. The decanoate circulates nandrolone in the blood stream for a longer duration. Weekly injection is still preferred to be taken. 

Oral - 
  • Stanazol 
Stanazol has been proven to be effective for lean mass body improvement with usage of 6 - 12 mg per day. It is one of the cheapest anabolic steroid available in the market, which costs up to $80 to $100 for per 2 mg tablet. It is also available in 50 or 25 mgs doses.

  • Oxandrolone 
It is one of the anabolic steroid used for the treatment of weight loss due to sepsis, trauma, surgery, and any other conditions. It is a very mild steroid and is not liver toxic. 

  • Oxymetholone 
It is a very powerful anabolic steroids used to improve body weight in both men and women with no significant side effects even in HIV positive patients. It was used for 30 weeks 150 mgs per day.