Sunday, 9 November 2014

How Much Anadrol Should You Take For Best Results?

Anadrol is one of the strongest types of muscle and body building steroid drug. Thus, you need to consume this drug in very limited dosages to get the best results. The dosage largely depends on various factors like your height, weight, age, medical condition, etc.

You also need to undergo prolonged exercises and workouts in gym along with the regular consumption of Anadrol. It is also advisable to take other bio-chemical supplements along with the consumption of this drug.

What are the perfect doses for Anadrol?

This steroid pill is commonly available in 50mg tablets. The common dosage is 50mg/day. The 50mg/day dosage is ideal for men. 20-30 lbs are produced in 3 weeks with this dosage. Android can be consumed in lower and higher doses.

The low and the higher Anadrol dosage

A lower dose of Anadrol is available in 25mg/day. This dosage is perfect for beginners. If you are an experienced and advanced user of Anadrol, then you can consume it in 75-100mg/day dosage. 

However, you also need to have a very sound and healthy body and medical condition to consume such high dose of 100mg/day. You also need to be on very good and nutritious appetite to consume this high dosage. 

What is the usage duration?

The maximum usage limitation for Anadrol is 8 weeks. However, 6 weeks duration is the safest from your health point of view. If you get good results within 6 weeks, then you need not extend the duration. 

You can get bulk results within first 4 weeks of Anadrol usage regardless of the dosage. The perfect dosage duration is 4 to 6 weeks for men. This time frame is the safest for you and bound to produce fruitful results.

How to take Anadrol pills?

You need to consult a doctor before fixing the dosage and the usage of the Anadrol steroid pills. Your doctor can change your dosage levels occasionally. You need to follow his prescriptions. 

You always need to be sure about the effects of this drug on your general medical and health conditions. Thus, you need to take blood tests and all other related medical tests during the dosage duration. 

Check your weight regularly to test the results of taking the Anadrol drug. Thus, one might wonder, how much Anadrol should you take?

If you take it in correct dosage with all types of medical precautions and prescriptions, you can get the best results of Anadrol drug consumption.

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